„Ştefan Luchian” Foundation is a cultural, non-profit, non-political, non-governmental foundation whose aim is to put-up-to-date and consolidate the cultural patrimony inherited in this country area where cultural traditions are so precious. Our aim is to organise cultural activities in order to reach teenagers and children’s expectations for art, for processing objects with artistic value, starting from the tradition of Romanian popular art, coming across good taste against kitsch. We desire to make the life and creation of the painter Ştefan Luchian known not only in the country but also in the world, European personality born and raised in Botosani region, Ştefăneşti. 

We managed to restore a historic monument from 1800 – a model of townsmen house – having financial support from The Ministry of Culture and from sponsorship. We have a boyar drawing-room with objects which belong to the painter Ştefan Luchian from the last residence. The talented teenagers create objects of Romanian popular inspiration in the Foundation creation workshops that are exposed in the Art Gallery. 

The members of the Foundation are specialists in plastic arts – teachers of different specialities, having experience in the development of cultural projects and in the activities made with teenagers. In all the activities we based on teenagers from Botosani (the organizing of the creation camp, contests, shows, another cultural events where teenagers from the country took place).
The idea of the projects was the teenagers need a better knowledge and appreciation of art. Art is that universal language that brings to the world states and feelings above words. Only by knowing and loving this language you can hand down with generation bequeathed us. 

The negative influences are numerous (alcohol, drugs, pornography), teenagers can be attracted in groups with infringement risk; their attraction to culture would be an alternative that can respond to the need of art, of knowledge, of friendship, of spirituality. Being in a process of building their personality and character, teenagers tend to find models. Ştefan Luchian is a model of sacrifice and passion for chosen profession. Knowledge of art and life of the painter Ştefan Luchian will be a starting point in understanding other art styles, Romanian popular art – the root of cult art, being known the fact that Ştefan Luchian I one of the fourth personalities of Botosani, belonging to the international and national culture, beside Eminescu, Enescu, Iorga. 

There are valuable popular traditions in Botosani that can be lost. In order to preserve them teenagers will be attracted to popular art – the root of cult art. Working in the Foundation creation workshop teenagers will have more knowledge about Romanian popular art, they will manage to practice some styles: icons on wood, weaving, clothes inspired from Romanian popular art and they will keep alive the heritage. This heritage will have not only a past value but also a future one.

For more information: fundatia@stefanluchian.ro